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Want to launch your very own marketing campaign and scale your business?

Grow your portfolio with trusted campaigns. Our team manages all the technical, creative and execution for your marketing campaigns targeting your ideal customers. With over a decade of combined experience in direct to seller marketing we have learned to deliver exceptional customer service and results. Today our services include property lead list market research, direct mail, email, cold calling scripts, social media advertising, Google Ads, website creation, and establishing effective CRM. 

We work with you to deliver you results, without adding to your current workload.

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Direct to seller campaign services
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Just The Lead List

Off-market lead lists curated to your real estate investing strategy and desired marketing methods.

Lead List + Marketing

Targeted lead list to your strategy with full-service marketing. Full-service support for direct mail and email.


Website + CRM + Advertising

We help you spend less time on the technical stuff so you can spend time running your business.

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Turn-key Direct Mail Solution

We specialize in creating and sending personalized direct mail for Real Estate Investors and Businesses.

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Real Estate Investor Lead Lists

Real estate market research targeting motivated sellers across the United States including District of Columbia, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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Turn-key websites and digital marketing

Optimized for high traffic and lead engagement allowing you to focus on conversions

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Want to launch a campaign and grow your real estate portfolio?

Want to launch a campaign targeting qualified leads (motivated sellers) that fit your investing strategy? Our team is your dedicated marketing team who not only helps you strategize, but we also launch and execute campaigns for YOU! We’re your marketing team without the added salaries. We are trained direct to seller marketing professionals with extensive experience in lead list market research, direct mail, email, cold calling scripts, social media, PPC, websites, and effective CRM. 

Our purpose is to deliver you results. 

Frequently asked questions

Our team is here to help.

The typical turnaround time for our lead generation services is 24 hours. Leads as low as $0.08 per lead.

All full-service marketing customers receive a dedicated customer success manager. Our lead gen customers will receive a dedicated account representative upon completion of our Smart Form.

Off-market listings are properties that could be available for sale but aren’t listed on Real Estate listing sources including the MLS. These properties are hosted by motivated sellers that haven’t listed yet.

Our services provide you access to these property types including owner contacts via skiptracing. Once you receive your list, we provide you access to marketing templates and services for your outreach.

Yes, we specialize in helping small and large organizations focused on converting more prospects to customers. This includes direct to seller activity for real estate investing, as well as direct marketing to prospects and recent customers. We specialize in digital brand and web development meaning we focus on everything digital such as, CRM, websites, social media, blogs, etc.

Yes, we specialize in everything digital including building and optimizing websites built on WordPress, Contentful, Sitecore, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and more!

Yes, our team is focused on enhancing CRM activities via Salesforce, HubSpot, and FollowUp Boss. Our team provides each customer a CRM assessment, consulting services, and develops smart tools to enhance activities.


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