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Turn-key Solutions for Real Estate: Website Development SEO Google Analytics Email Marketing Blogs Advertising Social Media Direct Mail

Website Development SEO Google Analytics Email Marketing Blogs Advertising Social Media Direct Mail

Our Services

Qualified lead generation and conversions are a composition of multiple things that work together. It is an orchestra of different tactics and functions that creates an effective throughput model. We allow you to focus solely on conversions. 

We focus on every aspect of the customer journey and interaction points to generate you qualified leads fit to your goals.

Website Development & Management

SETUP YOUR FOUNDATION. Having the right website is more than important; it is imperative to your business during the COVID era. Majority of submitted offers start by the customer searching online during their consideration phase of the customer buying process, so make sure your website is solid and ready to be found online. Organic search is the next level of importance. What’s the use of having a website if people can’t find it? Our team develops your SEO and creates more organic leads that help you grow your audience separate from your top line strategy. 

We use best-in-class SEO methodologies to improve your search rankings, and grow your organic traffic. Our team has years of experience leveraging CMS tools including, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Adobe AEM, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sitecore, and more.

CRM Management

Salesforce, HubSpot, Follow Up Boss, etc.

MANAGE YOUR PROSPECTS + CUSTOMERS. Our OHI team has years of in-depth experience helping small businesses and enterprise-level clients from the Fortune 500. By partnering with us you will unlock a hands off approach to your CRM technical capabilities including:

  • Data attribute configurations
  • Proper lead routing and workflows
  • Account management workflows
  • Automated customer onboarding
  • Forecasting predictability
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Dynamic segmentation based on client personas
  • Chatbot functionality
  • and more!

Having the right data is key in terms of being able to make quick and smart decisions. With our team of data professionals we help you save time on the work that you just need done. Do you enjoy spending too much time crunching data, or not having the right lead information? If your answer was no – fill out the form below. Have us do the tedious data work so you can focus on the 10,000 foot view.

Google Analytics

TRACK YOUR LEADS. Track your website and learn more about your customers! We enable you to track engagements on your website, as well as understand customer behavior on your marketing and advertisements. We implement analytic dashboards that you can access and we help you analyze. Don’t just go about your business like usual. Grow your business and understand what converts your customers and potential customers.  

PPC + Social Media Advertising

INCREASE YOUR # OF PROSPECTS. Growing your audience and customer base starts with organic search, but what draws new eyes that aren’t searching? Ads. Not just ads though. Smart ads that are customized to fit your specific demographics, age group, location, etc. We create ads on multiple platforms including Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and Google AdWords.

Email Marketing + Blogs

ENGAGE YOUR PROSPECTS + CUSTOMERS. Our founders will help ensure your Email marketing is setup to scale your engagements into satisfied customers. This method helps grow engagements across your content, website, and social media.  Our email and blog services consist of setup, optimization, strategy and execution including:

  • Email SMTP setup and configuration
  • Target send list segmentations 
  • HTML template design and development
  • CTA Completion actions and CRM workflows
  • Email strategy and execution
  • Content writing and creation for email and blogs

In addition to email design and execution we also help you curate specialized content for your business. You want blogs specific to your business and location? Good. We got you covered with our copywriters and creative design team. We improve how you engage your customers and prospects by improving your thought leadership and brand authority.

Direct Mail

DIVERSIFY AND PERSONALIZE. Engage your audience in a non-digital format. Its best to utilize all different types of channels to grow, retain, and convert your customer base. We provide a multitude of different customized options of mailer inserts and letters. Handwritten or typed. Make it as personalized as you want and send it to 1000’s of customers. 

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