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Know what to do when you get your real estate investing leads for wholesaling, fix & flips, BRRRR, etc.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail continues to be one of the top-performing channels for contacting sellers. It’s automated, personal, and most importantly gets you passive leads without having to put in the effort. OPENHOUSEit gives you the highest quality leads in your market, pulling from over 12 motivated lead types.

Direct Mail is a crowded space, so its critical to be consistent with your marketing and always differentiate yourself from the competition. Stay in touch monthly, don’t lose momentum with your prospects. Personalization paired with a sincere desire to help homeowners, that’s the way to convert direct mail prospects.

Email Marketing

Another proven marketing channel is email marketing. Everyone has an email. And it’s such a cost-effective medium for delivering a highly customized message that gets on average a 15% open rate! Everyone needs to be utilizing email marketing for their business.

Ringless Voicemail

Easily leave a personalized message in ALL of your prospects’ voice mailbox for pennies per drop. Ringless voicemail easily allows you to record a voice message, and send it to all of your prospects in a very short time frame. No missed call notifications from an unknown number appear on the prospect’s phone either. Just a new voicemail message.

Paired with Direct mail, Ringless voicemail is one of the best ways to increase the response rates of your audience.

Text Messaging

Sending a text message is one of the most effective and direct ways to reach potential sellers. The open rate is extremely high on SMS messages. When it’s done to a motivated or distressed homeowner, it can be an easy way for them to open up a conversation. There are growing concerns about the legality of this method. We can scrub your data through known litigators or do not call database upon request.

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