Terms of Service

We are a lead list creation company. We provide the highest quality leads available through legal means. We do not and will not obtain any records in any illegal manner. If a lead for any reason is discovered to be illegal or cause distress of any person or persons, it is the responsibility of the marketer to inform Open House it and stop any outreach to the lead, contact, persons or anything related to lead. 

Once a lead list has been procured, paid for and delivered it is no longer the liability or responsibility of OpenHouseIt.com. 

Any marketing or actions performed with any information obtained from OpenHouseIt.com is entirely the discretion and liability of the individual or group and not Open House It.

All of the advice given by OpenHouseIt.com, or any of its employees is in attempts of providing the best information possible and is intended to be taken as anecdotal and to only be used under the pure discretion of the marketer. OpenHouseIt.com can not be held liable for any advice given that may yield negative results.

OpenHouseIt.com is a lead list creation company, solely profiting from the creation and distribution of unique lead lists. Any additional products of service rendered are purely out of the goal to assist and educate the client and should be viewed anecdotal and entirely under the marketer’s discretion to take action on.