Wholesaling, the best way to get started in real estate.

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What is Wholesaling?

Learn & Earn By Helping Others

Wholesaling Real Estate is when you find a deal for another buyer who will be purchasing the property. In turn the buyer will pay you a finders fee for finding and bringing them the deal. A wholesaler using multiple methods of finding deals, will find someone who wants to sell their house at a discount and be able to bring a buyer to the table who can purchase this property. This kind of person can also sometimes be referred to as a buyers agent, but the difference with wholesaling is you find the deal first, and then find a buyer after. A lot of property developers do not have the time to find deals on their own, so they will often be very welcoming when a deal is brought to them.

This is a great way to get started in real estate investing because it require no money and gets you tons of experience in real estate, and valuing deals.

Example of Wholesaling

To give you a better understanding of how this works let me give you an example. Anyone with any budget can start cold calling, driving for dollars, sending out direct mail, or any type of marketing reaching out to property owners in a targeted area. The whole intent of this is to find a deal that you can bring to a buyer or property developer having them compensate you for your work on finding the deal.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone who is buying, or what to search for, that’s where OPENHOUSEit can help. We can guide you through the process and connect you with buyers in your area. Let us do the tough work while you focus on finding a great deal!

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