The necessity of multiple marketing methods in real estate investing of off-market properties.

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Diversification is key to effective marketing

Multiple Methods, Multiple Times, Multiple Ways:

When ever you go to a store, you tend to trust the “name” brand company more than the store brand, or a brand new to you. Want to know why? Marketing!

Like everything we see in life we trust the familiar and the popular products and methods more than the unknown. Everyone knows and trusts a Coke. That’s because they market, making sure to get their name and presence known, so when someone is making a choice about what they want to drink Coke is always top of mind.

This is what you want to achieve through your marketing. The goal is to make you and your company top of mind. So when someone needs to sell their house, you are the first person they think of.

How to achieve brand name marketing recognition

The best way to get your brand name out their is to market through multiple methods and market multiple times. Make sure you always properly budget for marketing, cause you always want to reach out to a prospect multiple times, and through multiple methods.

This could be an array of different types of mailers, or cold calling, plus Direct mail, plus email. The idea is to get your name and presence in front of them as frequently as possible.

This not only instils familiarity but confidence in the quality of your product. The more you see something to more you assume there is a reason I see it so much, and there for it must be of value.

In addition, simply the more you are in front of someone, the more likely they are to act. A voicemail may work on certain people while others may ignore it, but a postcard might cause them to act instead. You never know through what method empowers people to act and reach out to you, so reaching out to them multiple times and through multiple methods greatly increase you chance of closing deal!

Just meet with one of our Direct Marketing Coaches to get advice on mailer strategy and content. We can set you up that day with a tailored campaign that fits your needs.

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